Why I sued J. Paul Fuentes DDS, Periodontist Arcadia California,
For Fraud, Malpractice and Battery

My life has never been the same since he performed a procedure I did not want.

I have an Osteoma which was discovered in 1980

An Osteoma is a dense bone tumor or formation with limited blood supply.

Osteoma's should not be confused with an exostosis or tori which develops quicker and is not as dense as an Osteoma.

This is entirely about my Osteoma being dormant for 32 plus year until 2012 when being disturbed, without my consent,
by Dr J Paul Fuentes, DDS in perio treatment to remove a popcorn kernal shell from my gum.

Below are x-rays taken in 1980 and 1995 which clearly show the bone mass Osteoma involving my
lower sinus and extending down around the roots of teeth 14 and 15

1980 x-ray

Follow up 15 years later 1995

In May 2012 I went to J Paul Fuentes on the recommendation of a dentist to remove a popcorn shell. All my dentists were always made
aware of the Osteoma and would not consider touching it.

I brought my many x-rays to J Paul Fuentes and advised his of my condition and to please be careful to not touch it.

He took the scan below to see the extent of the Osteoma.

As you can see the dense bone mass extends from my lower sinus down around the roots my teeth 14 and 15

Involvement of teeth 13,14, and 15 is obvious.


After Fuentes finished he advised me he had ground down the bone on each side around the roots of the teeth.

He claimed this without and checking the tooth with dry ice or an x-ray At this point I stopped trusting the Judgment of Fuentes.

After a few months I started having pus sacks and fistulas form. I returned to Fuentes and he claimed I needed a root canal.

Bone loss in post treatment CT below

Nov/Dec 2013 below

This comparison shows 14 and 15 taken by Fuentes prior to treatment 5-2012 on the left and 9-2016 on the right. Significant bone loss

Click below for short videos of area

links 1 5-2012 prior to treatment

link #2

link #3

link #4 Shows good side of my jaw

link #5 good to tumor 5-2012 prior to treatment

link #6 Slicing vertical

link #7





Bone has been shedding

This bone exfoliated in July 2015





Beginning of 2019 tooth 14 started internal resorption. The entire crown dissolved.

The remainder was pulled with necrotic bone attached.

This is at the base of the crown

These are the roots

After the tooth was removed a pyogenic granuloma or antral polyp appeared but resolved itself in 60 days.


The area of my jaw where the Osteoma is has a chronic infection and the bone is slowly dissolving.

All because a Doctor, in my opinion, was so arrogant he felt he could diagnose a exostosis without

pathology. He did not believe me, the patient, even when presented 30 years of x-rays and told not to touch it.